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My new site is coming soon!

After GoDaddy ate my last site, I decided that I wanted to rethink my web presence rather than just restoring my old blog. In the mean time, I decided to put up this page so no one would think I had totally dropped off the web.

Here's some videos of talks I've done over the years:


Here's a little about me.

I've been with Microsoft almost 17 years. Currently, I'm working on the platform plumming that powers SmartGlass. I'm happily married to Julianne and we have two great kids - Patrick and Rileyanne. When I'm not with my family or working, I'm probably at the ice rink. In addition to coaching my son's team over the years, I also play in the Greater Seattle Hockey League. This past year, I started learning to be a Little League umpire so I could volunteer for my daughter's little league association.


Get in touch.

I always say that the only way to build great products is to talk to the people who use it. So feel free to reach out anytime via these channels:

Twitter: @devhawk
Skype: harrypierson Call or Chat
Xbox Live: RayTracer
Phone: 425.761.0293